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Speaker Technology Primer

Speaker Technology Primer By Thomas J. Norton Speakers are available in a bewildering variety of styles, sizes, and technologies. On the technical side, the vast majority are conventional box designs using one or more drivers—most commonly a single cone woofer for the bass and midrange, a single dome tweeter for the treble, and a crossover network to divide and route the appropriate frequencies to each. The speaker cabinet, or box, which can be either a sealed or ported design, is not merely a cosmetic touch; it is a key element in the design. Without a properly designed cabinet, even the best conventional woofer would simply flap in its own breeze and produce little or no bass. Like everything else in audio, there are so-called open-baffle [...]

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Structured Wiring FAQ

Structured Wiring FAQ What is Structured Wiring and why should I have it in my home? Structured Wiring is simply an advanced wiring system roughed into your new home that allows the homeowner to take advantage of new technologies and services that are available now and in the future. Examples of this are home office, high speed Internet via telephone company or cable provider. Video on demand services, Digital cable and high definition satellite and cable TV as well as in home CCTV cameras and many automation and security features. The structured wiring system sets the stage for you to share a single Internet, telephone, or digital cable TV connection with multiple computers, Televisions and peripherals all at no extra charges from the service provider. [...]

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Surround Sound Formats

Surround Sound Formats Today Despite the heavy emphasis on video over the past 15 years, the evolutions of home audio and video have actually taken nearly identical paths. Looking back on the home A/V market in the mid 1990s the industry began a transition away from the VCR and its low-resolution video and Dolby Pro Logic audio technologies into the DVD optical disc format. As everyone knows the DVD format offered consumers an improved picture with 480 lines of resolution and progressive deinterlacing options. It also offered a choice of audio formats that included standard PCM stereo, Pro Logic and discrete multichannel DTS and Dolby Digital. As the decade of the 1990s drew to a close the video category moved onto high-definition (HD) video, while [...]

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Room Accoustics

Room Accoustics Rooms resonate just like organ pipes. The room is an unwanted extra instrument playing along with the musicians. The design goal for a good music room is to minimize this coloration, which is strongest at bass frequencies between 20 and 200 Hz. At higher frequencies the room still has an influence, but resonances are much less of a problem since it is much easier to obtain high absorption at higher frequencies. This section deals with acoustic design within the subwoofer band of roughly 20-100 Hz. The advent of high speed digital signal processing has raised the possibility of correcting room acoustics with a digital filter. Some of the available systems are noted in the section on signal processing. Both measured and calculated results [...]

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