Case Study

Rural Technology


Situated on 30 acres of land within Calgary’s south city limits, this 60-year-old equestrian facility is home to over 40 horses and offers lessons, horse training and boarding. The property is comprised of an indoor riding arena, outdoor grass and sand rings, paddocks, a hay shed, equipment storage barn, and stables with a tack room, wash rack and grooming cross-tie area.


There were several areas of concern and frustration this client was experiencing. To begin with, having access to reliable, secure, and fast Wi-Fi was a priority. As well, they had ongoing security issues with trespassers and theft. Poor lighting on the property made it difficult in the winter months to finish daily chores and check on the welfare of livestock in the dark. Human error also caused concerns when doors were accidentally left open causing frozen water lines in the barn or horses to escape. They also expressed concern with the requirements to monitor horses when they were placed in quarantine. Typically, this required either their staff or the horse’s owner, staying overnight to monitor the horse’s well-being. The owners approached Digital Lifestyles for a solution that would solve their issues with networking, lighting, security, and their need for improved operational efficiencies.


Our Rural Technology Team evaluated the property and collaborated with the necessary service provider to support the installation of our secure, high speed network. The property is now equipped with fast, reliable Wi-Fi access throughout all buildings and outdoor areas. High efficiency LED lighting has been strategically placed throughout the property, dramatically changing the ease and safety of nighttime chores, while ensuring the light does not aggravate the animals. This lighting further supports the security of the property. Sixteen, high resolution security cameras with colour night vision were installed, along with a trip wire alarm around the parameter of the property. The cameras provide remote visual access of all buildings and livestock throughout the property. To ensure the facility’s essential systems can be effectively monitored, we have installed sensors that indicate temperature fluctuations, water leakage, status of doors and gates, and motion detection. All of these automated systems have been seamlessly integrated into a single user interface that can be remotely monitored and operated 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Lights can be dimmed or turned on or off remotely. The monitoring system will send push notifications to a mobile device, alerting if there are any water leaks, temperature changes, doors left open or if unexpected motion has been detected. Finally, operational efficiencies have been implemented with the ability to remotely monitor the staff to verify that all necessary animal care has been completed. Quarantined horses can also be remotely observed 24/7, for any mental or physical stress. These technology innovations have made a significant impact in every aspect of daily life at this equestrian facility.


The client had this to say about their Digital Lifestyles’ experience:

“We can’t thank Digital Lifestyle’s Rural Technology Team enough for all of these life changing technology innovations! Not only is it a relief to finally have reliable Wi-Fi access throughout our property but the ease of monitoring and controlling our operations remotely has completely changed how we run our business. The peace of mind knowing our property is secure and safe at all times of the day has also made a tremendous difference. I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to know I can check on my animals at any time, and ensure the doors have been closed properly, even after I leave the facility. Receiving notifications in real-time on my phone, if there are any issues on the property, is so convenient. This has also contributed to so many operational efficiencies that save us valuable time throughout the day. I highly recommend Digital Lifestyles to anyone who owns an equestrian facility, working farm, ranch, or any rural property. You will wish you had reached out sooner!” – Lisa S.