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Trade In & Upgrade Program

Digital Lifestyles Trade-In and Upgrade Program allows both new and existing customers to trade-in their obsolete technology components that are five years old and over, and upgrade to an appropriate replacement.

Have You Experienced Any of the Following Scenarios?

  1. Since changing service providers (i.e. Telus to Shaw) your home automation or IoT (Internet of Things) devices no longer operate properly?
  2. Sluggish internet speeds or intermittent drop out?
  3. Laggy or sporadic response from your smart remote control device or app based interface on your tablet or smartphone?
  4. A smart thermostat that disconnects or the app doesn’t work?
  5. A video doorbell that disconnects or the app doesn’t work?
  6. Video loss on security cameras?
  7. A whole home music system that isn’t connecting in all areas of your home?
  8. Slow music or Netflix streaming?
  9. A poor quality home theatre picture and/or the sound won’t work or drops out?
  10. A remote control that doesn’t work?
If so, it may be time for an upgrade.

The following could be eligible for trade-in:

Our process is easy and convenient.

We provide a free assessment of your current system, regardless of whether it was installed by Digital Lifestyles or another technology company. We will let you know exactly what the issues are, using easy to understand explanations, and provide you with economical solutions.

Upgrading doesn’t necessarily mean that your entire system needs to be dismantled.

Often it’s a matter of replacing, upgrading or updating certain components to get your system up to speed and performing effectively. With so many technology advancements such as the evolution of 1080p HD TV’s to 4K UHD TV’s, and changing surround sound formats, it’s common to experience incompatibility issues.

As well, we have helped many clients who have invested significantly in a system they have given up on because it never worked right. Essentially we can buy you out of a system and provide you with a reasonable trade-in scenario, not unlike receiving a trade-in value for a vehicle!

We re-deploy many of the technology components traded in for charity purposes. 

Over the years we have repurposed trade-ins and donated to those in need including the Women’s Shelter, Boys and Girls Club, Easter Seals and the Inclusio Accessible Housing property.

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