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At Digital Lifestyles Inc., we collaborate with homeowners, business owners, interior designers, builders, and renovators, to simplify technology. We are responsible for creating helpful, intelligent spaces that support connected lifestyles in residential and commercial properties, as well as healthcare facilities.

Technology is an essential part of our lives and should be a fundamental consideration in the design of our home and business environments. Typically, smart devices are intended to work independently. Digital Lifestyle’s expertise is in configuring these devices and their mobile applications to seamlessly integrate into a single, unified application – this is what it means to be an integrated systems provider! 

Developing convenient, efficient, secure, and reliable solutions that help you streamline technology, is at the heart of what we do for our clients.

Choosing Digital Lifestyles means you have access to the only technology company in Western Canada that is certified and qualified to install many market leading brand technology solutions in the industry. We can help you with all your technology requirements which includes providing the system design, supply, installation, and service support.


Understand how Digital Lifestyle’s helps homeowners Manage The Home, Work From Home, Learn From Home, Play At Home, and Supports Health At Home.

Latest News


Samrt Home for CP Patient

Digital Lifestyles gave this 24 year old living with cerebral palsy the gift of independence. After spending time with Ryan we quickly appreciated the unique challenges he faced interacting with his environment. Our team designed life changing automation solutions specific to Ryan’s needs. Tasks he previously relied on family members and caregivers to perform, he can now independently execute using his cell phone to control lights, door locks, media applications and more.

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Accessible Housing Inclusio Project

We recently had the privilege of designing the smart technology infrastructure and applications for Calgary’s Accessible Housing Inclusio Project. This is the city’s first fully automated assisted living apartment building, helping those with limited mobility live independently by automating their daily tasks. Once these obstacles are removed they can be self-sufficient, which ultimately allows residents to reach their full potential.

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Rockability Fundraiser

Digital Lifestyles Rockability Charity Concert Series provides a world class, intimate concert experience, bringing caring Calgarians together to collectively make a difference. Over the past 7 years we have proudly raised over $260,000 (net) for local charities. We welcomed back legendary Phil X and The Drills at our latest concert in February 2018 and want to sincerely thank all of you who attended and made this another successful event!

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“Thank-you for the prompt handling of the whole job. Your staff are “the best” in our minds. I won’t hesitate to refer anyone to Digital Lifestyles.”
“Thanks for making your phenomenal work affordable to us! You did an amazing job and we can’t thank-you enough. Now our coffee isn’t the only reason we’re wired!”

“Thank-you for everything. Our theatre room is absolutely amazing. I am really loving it.”


Remote Support

This is our diagnostic tool that allows our Service Support Team to remotely troubleshoot your system. If you are a current Digital Lifestyles’ client, and have been instructed to provide us with remote access, use this button.