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Josh Girard

Operations Manager

Josh Girard

As Operations Manager at Digital Lifestyles, Josh is responsible for overseeing logistics, managing the technicians’ schedules, and ensuring clients’ expectations are exceeded.

Josh’s passion for technology began at a young age, and he has continued to pursue his interests through ongoing education and training. He is a Journeyman Electrician and has completed extensive technology training. He is particularly interested in how technology can be used to streamline everyday life, and he enjoys troubleshooting complex systems to ensure that they are working optimally.

In his role as Operations Manager, Josh is responsible for ensuring that Digital Lifestyles is at the forefront of the latest technological advancements. He is constantly researching new technologies and tools that can be used to improve the company’s operations and is committed to ensuring that his team is equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to stay ahead of the curve. One of Josh’s greatest strengths is his ability to coordinate complex technical projects, from start to finish. He has experience working on both residential and commercial projects and has overseen the completion of several large-scale technology installations. His attention to detail, coupled with his ability to think strategically, has enabled him to deliver exceptional results for Digital Lifestyles’ clients.

When he’s not working, Josh enjoys spending time with his fiancé, exploring new coffee shops, and traveling. His is also an avid camper and hiker and enjoys quiet time at home with his favourite feline!