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Mike Dummer

President / Founder

Mike Dummer

Mike Dummer has been the visionary behind Digital Lifestyles since its inception. Prior to starting Digital Lifestyles, Mike worked for A & B Sound for 11 years, running the commercial construction division in both Vancouver and Calgary; he was responsible for this division becoming a substantial revenue generator for the company.

Having spent a great deal of time in the construction industry, Mike recognized that with homes lasting a minimum of 50 years, homeowners needed access to experts who could help integrate the proper wiring infrastructure to support and adapt to emerging technology. His foresight in understanding how evolving technology would dramatically change the way we interact with residential and commercial environments, led to the inception of Digital Lifestyles.

Mike’s deep passion for developing life changing environmental control solutions for disabled and physically challenged individuals, their families and caregivers has led to one of the fastest growing services Digital Lifestyles offers. This also ties into his profound awareness of the importance of giving back. In his younger years, Mike spent a great deal of time in the music industry working in audio and video production. His enthusiasm for helping others teamed with his enjoyment of music sparked the idea to create a one of a kind fundraiser, the Digital Lifestyles Rockability Concert Series.

Further to the positive outreach that Mike is committed to, he is also a dedicated husband and father who actively supports his children’s passions in both the arts and equestrian pursuits.