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Susan Sauter

Office Manager

Susan Sauter

Susan should really be considered the Director of First Impressions, setting the tone for what you can expect from the Digital Lifestyles team the minute you walk in the door or call the studio. Her positive energy and ability to multi-task is heavily relied upon by all members of our team.

With over 8 years at Digital Lifestyles, she intimately knows how best to support all the moving parts of our business. She is responsible for payables, receivables and HR functions as well as front line customer service. Susan’s 20+ years of real estate admin experience is an asset to her roles and responsibilities at Digital Lifestyles. Though her love of numbers is always apparent, her compassion and ability to connect with people is first and foremost.

She is a constant source of support for her 2 children who are pursuing their post-secondary endeavours; she looks forward to seeing them soar! In addition, Susan is an avid champion of cancer charities as it hits close to home, supporting family members that have gone through it. She loves to connect with a good book or enjoy time outside, exploring the city to recharge.